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Viennas Best - violin

Viennas Best - violin

Läs här om  "The Big Rosin Test"  (in English) i vilket detta harts utvaldes som en av favoriterna.

Viennas' Best är mest "förlåtande", samt ger "Wiener"-klang. Idealiskt för studioinspelningar samt ljusa instrument. Det dämpar den råa karaktären i nya strängar innan de hunnit spelas in.

The most “forgiving” rosin. It allows you to create a true Viennese sound. Ideal for recordings and bright instruments. It can be applied after changing strings in order to avoid the initial brightness of the strings during the break-in time.

Distillation process under pressure means the extraction of raw materials at low temperatures.This way the important components remain in the rosin.
This, as well as the addition of beeswax, results an exceptionally soft colophony with many advantages:

  • ·         excellent adhesion
  • ·         no side noise
  • ·         low dust
  • ·         applicable at all temperatures
  • ·         economical to use

Premium quality recommended for experienced players and orchestra musicians

Hemsidan för Petz (tillverkare)

225 SEK

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